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Women doing a push up with a trainer Most athletes would agree that sports injuries represent a major threat to the pursuit of their sporting goals and their everyday enjoyment of life. Whether you just play for fun or you compete on a professional level, your body must be ready to accept the demands you place on it. That's why it makes good sense to combine chiropractic care with personal training. At Anderson Sports Injury Chiropractor we can help you integrate these disciplines so you can get over nagging injuries or even prevent their occurrence.

The Link Between Alignment Issues and Personal Injuries

Musculoskeletal misalignment and personal injuries go hand in hand, especially under the excessive demands that athletic endeavors typically make on the body. Even a slight misalignment can disrupt your kinetic chain, the weight distribution over your weight-bearing joints. These small but significant imbalances may promote premature arthritis, chronic tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

Other fitness factors can affect both your musculoskeletal alignment and your vulnerability to chronic pain and/or sports injuries. For example, obesity puts that much more stress on your weight-bearing joints. Poor upper-body posture can lead to weaknesses collectively known as an upper cross syndrome, while too much time sitting can contribute to the pelvic weakness of lower cross syndrome.

Even your training technique can affect your musculoskeletal health. Overtraining or the use of the wrong techniques can raise your risk for tennis elbow, golfer's knee, and other painful problems, especially if you already have an underlying joint issue.

How Dr. Anderson Integrates Personal Training With Holistic Care

Dr. Nathan Anderson can help you get the most out of both chiropractic treatment and personal training. Specific exercises, massage therapy, and other services can help you to rehabilitate a sports injury as completely as possible. At the same time, Dr. Anderson can steer you away from exercises that might do your healing process more harm than good.

You may benefit from chiropractic adjustments to correct your posture before you even begin a personal training regimen. Preventative spinal checkups and corrections can help you maintain a healthy upright balance during exercise or competition. Our chiropractic team at Anderson Sports Injury Chiropractor can also teach you warm-up and cool-down exercises to protect your muscles before and after training.

Give your body the care and training it requires to resolve old sports injuries and avoid new ones. Contact our chiropractic clinic today at 800-462-8749 to schedule your appointment.

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